This Mustang Coupe Doesn’t Play!

via: Muscle Mustang and Fastford.


coupeweb21.gif1991 Ford Mustang LX – Carbon Flier

Matt Hamey flies on the streets or down the track in his
mid-nine-second street machine.  


By Michael Galimi
Photography: Michael Galimi , Evan Smith

Standing out in a crowd of nearly 80 True Street cars is a hard thing to do. One reason is that MM&FF’s class brings out some of the coolest hot rods a particular area has to offer. Another is that there are so many Mustangs sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But for Matt Hamey, getting noticed in the MM&FF/Tremec True Street crowd at the ’06 Atlanta Fun Ford Weekend was easy. His carbon-fiber-over-red paint job caught our eye, and the nine-second performances captured our attention.  Keep Reading…Coupeweb1.gif

Keep checking back for’s coupe project, follow step by step as Jeremy Smulik uncovers his four eyed freak!!!!  

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