This snake has its own charms

via:Winnipeg Free Press

Shelby GT500 clearly the best ‘Stang ever



SHANNONVILLE, Ont. — A part of Carroll Shelby is in every piece of this new Mustang.  And it shows.  For the ole’ snake charmer, this was no simple licensing deal. From concept meetings to collaborating with design and engineering teams, Shelby — a man literally deified by Mustang fans — is keenly aware of all the upgrades Ford has wrought into this amazing sports car, said Hau Thai-Tang, the chief engineer for both the latest Mustang and this high-performance variety. First, the name: though it wasn’t the intent, and the final result happened quite by accident, the GT500 name is now used to signify horsepower. Thai-Tang said it actually tops out at 502 horsepower, but they’re happy to have 500 horses under the hood of a car named GT500.  Keep reading  

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