What Happens when you throw a Turbo on a 94′ Cobra? 847 Friends show up!!!!!

via: Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford


turbo_11.jpgturbo_2.jpg   Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford took a 94 cobra and swapped in a turbo.  “Back in the November ’05 issue, we covered the installation of the Hellion Power System 5-liter turbo kit. During that install, we kept glancing to the other side of the shop to check out what the Hellion crew was brewing up. It turned out Hellion’s John Urist was R&D’ing the company’s kit for ’99 and ’01 and ’03-’04 SVT Cobras, plus ’03-’04 Mach 1s. The kit was released to the public shortly after our story hit the press. It didn’t take a tarot card reader to tell us a trip back to the Albuquerque, New Mexico, facility was in our future.”    Keep Reading     


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