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This Mustang Coupe Doesn’t Play!

via: Muscle Mustang and Fastford.


coupeweb21.gif1991 Ford Mustang LX – Carbon Flier

Matt Hamey flies on the streets or down the track in his
mid-nine-second street machine.  


By Michael Galimi
Photography: Michael Galimi , Evan Smith

Standing out in a crowd of nearly 80 True Street cars is a hard thing to do. One reason is that MM&FF’s class brings out some of the coolest hot rods a particular area has to offer. Another is that there are so many Mustangs sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But for Matt Hamey, getting noticed in the MM&FF/Tremec True Street crowd at the ’06 Atlanta Fun Ford Weekend was easy. His carbon-fiber-over-red paint job caught our eye, and the nine-second performances captured our attention.  Keep Reading…Coupeweb1.gif

Keep checking back for 2brotherracing.com’s coupe project, follow step by step as Jeremy Smulik uncovers his four eyed freak!!!!  

This snake has its own charms

via:Winnipeg Free Press

Shelby GT500 clearly the best ‘Stang ever



SHANNONVILLE, Ont. — A part of Carroll Shelby is in every piece of this new Mustang.  And it shows.  For the ole’ snake charmer, this was no simple licensing deal. From concept meetings to collaborating with design and engineering teams, Shelby — a man literally deified by Mustang fans — is keenly aware of all the upgrades Ford has wrought into this amazing sports car, said Hau Thai-Tang, the chief engineer for both the latest Mustang and this high-performance variety. First, the name: though it wasn’t the intent, and the final result happened quite by accident, the GT500 name is now used to signify horsepower. Thai-Tang said it actually tops out at 502 horsepower, but they’re happy to have 500 horses under the hood of a car named GT500.  Keep reading  

What Happens when you throw a Turbo on a 94′ Cobra? 847 Friends show up!!!!!

via: Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford


turbo_11.jpgturbo_2.jpg   Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford took a 94 cobra and swapped in a turbo.  “Back in the November ’05 issue, we covered the installation of the Hellion Power System 5-liter turbo kit. During that install, we kept glancing to the other side of the shop to check out what the Hellion crew was brewing up. It turned out Hellion’s John Urist was R&D’ing the company’s kit for ’99 and ’01 and ’03-’04 SVT Cobras, plus ’03-’04 Mach 1s. The kit was released to the public shortly after our story hit the press. It didn’t take a tarot card reader to tell us a trip back to the Albuquerque, New Mexico, facility was in our future.”    Keep Reading     


Civil War shootout

Mustangs Running wild at Rockinghams Civil war shootout.  Here’s some shoots……

LX Nasty!!!





Ford Mustang Used to Fight Crime

Better look next time you pull up to a Mustang at the stoplight any try to run him.mustang_police1.jpg

(CBS) MERRILLVILLE, Ind. The latest crime fighting tool in Northwest Indiana comes with lots of horsepower.

CBS 2’s Northwest Indiana Bureau Chief Pamela Jones reports on a souped-up, stealthy addition to the force.

It looks like any other black Ford Mustang on the road, but a closer look at who’s inside reveals something different.

“They can’t believe it. Some folks don’t even really want to stop because they think it’s a joke, “ said Cpl. Barry Clanton of the Merrillville Police Department. “But it’s no joke.”
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10.5 inch Outlaw warm-up’s

With race season just around the corner, natural bridge dragstrip had its season opener 10.5 inch warm-up.  2005 points champ Don Tolley was ripping off 4 sec passes. 


For schedule information check natural bridge dragstrip and begin looking for the xtreme 10.5 coming to New london.